Bring Your Sport

We enjoy more sports than just football. If our provided tournaments do not cover your sport, we still got you covered.

With our Custom Tournament Builder you can create tournaments for almost any sport 🚀

  • Provide match fixtures (multi-stage support)
  • Select the point awards you want
  • (Later) Update the final scores, and enjoy

Do you still use Excel spreadsheets to organize tournaments? Well, no more!

Great Point Awards

Just guessing correct scores gets boring, fast...

Minibri Score is fun because you can win points in different surpring ways:

  • Correct Score — OK, keep reading
  • Correct Winner — Simple and classic
  • Lonely Score — Our favourite ♥
  • Serial Killer — Nobody dies, don't worry
  • The Flash — Are you the fastest?
  • and more...

* The provided email will be used only for updates till the announcement of Minibri Score. Then it will be deleted from our records.